What Are The Benefits Of Immigration To The Economy

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Immigration is a widely talked about subject, it can be taken either way.Immigration is a helpful for the economy. Immigration is good for the economy because more businesses and jobs, it raises the minimum wage for everyone and it adds culture to the U.S.
Immigration helps creates jobs for everyone. The immigrants that come to the U.S. are fifty percent more likely to start businesses than the native born American. The more businesses made the more jobs there are open to the public. The businesses also create more revenue since they are government owned. Immigrants have founded more than forty percent of the five hundred companies in the U.S.. The businesses made by immigrants creates jobs for anyone who needs them.
Immigration adds culture to the U.S.. The United States has no official language so they use ass to the already mixed language. The United States as we know it is mainly based off the 20th century immigrants. With all the immigration and culture there is more of an opportunity to learn about them. Also isn't the U.S. called the melting pot, that means we accept all cultures and races. The culture brought by immigration helps us both socially and economically.
On the other hand most people think immigration will be America’s
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Between 1990 and 2006 the minimum wage rose by 0.6 percent. Even though it is not that much it is still a raise and also just think if more came and contributed, just think of the raise in minimum wage. They are just as much of consumers as we are, that means that they spend money and that money goes to the government and money then goes back to businesses, and all that money makes it so businesses allows businesses to pay their employees more. According to the Congressional Budget Office if we had a reform it would add 9 million workers and increase wages over the next twenty years. Immigration helps the wages go up and makes us all benefit from
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