What Are The Benefits Of Texting And Driving

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Although some people think that it should legall to text and drive. Others think is should be terminated for good. Texting and driving can kill yourself, it can also cause you to crash into someone else that's innocent. As well as it can distract another driver and make they crash as well. First and foremost, texting and driving can kill you. When driving and texting your eyes are both on the phone and road. Your eyes should be on the road at all times. If Have eyes on the phone instead of the road it can make the car lose control. Therefore you wreck. Texting and driving is the most dreadful thing to do. Don't text and drive stay alive. Mostly everyone will tell you that. Even Though texting is important to some people. Save it for later. While not driving. Don't kill someone or yourself. If people text while driving that's exactly what will happen. Be responsible for the actions that are taken. It may be the cool thing to do, but apparently those kids are trying to kill themselfs. That's not cool. Be the bigger person and walk away from texting and driving.…show more content…
If family is trying to get ahold of you because of emergency it's best to pull over to answer them.This is why most people don't want to make it a law. While others do. It’s not safe at all. In some circumstances it has to be done though. Im for both sides. Texting and driving shouldn't be a law and should be one. Its mutual for most people. In conclusion, texting in and driving should be the drivers responsibility. If chosen to do so, it's their fault if a wreck happens. No one should ever have to have a wreck. Don’t text and drive ,stay alive! Texting while driving is like committing
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