What Are The Best Preventative Measures And Most Effective Treatments?

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The encroachment of toxic chemicals such as heavy metals and radioactive wastes in to underground aquifers is of grave concern and lads to dire consequences for people, plants and animals. What are the best preventative measures and most effective treatments? Consider specific cases.

Treatment and Prevention of Underground Water Pollution

Ground water forms a large percent of all the used water on the earth. And as it cannot be seen, it is usually overlooked or ignore when considering all the water on the earth. Since aquifer is valuable source, protecting it form pollution and managing its use carefully will guarantee its future as an important part of eco-system and human activity. Recently, industrial applications of toxic heavy metals have caused dangerous environmental problems. This essay will show the effect of aquifer polluted by some contaminants such as Cr (III), Fe(III), Cu(II), Cd(II), and Pb(II) or radioactive materials on people, plants and animals. In addition, it will demonstrate the best treatment and preventative methods. Furthermore, it will argue that the pretreatment of industrial wastes is the best way to prevent the pollution in ground water.

Toxic chemicals including heavy metals and radioactive wastes from different sources cause a serious pollution for underground water over the years. The main reason for underground water toxic chemical pollution is human activities such as chemical industries and mining. A given example for this case was
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