What Are The Cause And Effects Of Divorce

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Today in modern society, divorce is becoming more normal than ever. Statistically speaking, over forty-five percent of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce defined by Webster as the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage [1]. The word divorce can be used to describe both a cause and an effect. A few causes of divorce could include lack of communication, financial distress, and sexual indiscretion. These are just a few of the most common causes of divorce. The effects a divorce seems almost incomparable when considering the hardship it causes on both people in the relationship. One major cause of divorce is the lack of communication. Many marriages end up in divorce because of the neglect to communicate respectfully. Communication is the key within any relationship, not just marital relationships Many couples lack the proper communication when it comes to the critical decision making process. Respectful talking is essential in good communication, and at the same time respectful listening is also vital. In most marriages, there is always a…show more content…
We know lack of money plays a big role in society, but what kind of role does it play in marriage. Many couples in a marriage want to blame money as the main cause of divorce. In fact, the statistics of a survey conducted by United States Census Bureau on divorce in North America suggested that more than fifty percent of divorced couples cited financial issues as their main cause of their divorce. Sometimes a relationship does not work out because the two people involved have different spending habits. This can be referred to as financial incompatibility. Divorce does not always help solve financial problems. Instead, the divorce itself must be paid for and both people must now set up their own individual household and pay for separate rent and utilities instead of splitting
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