What Are The Causes Of Child Abuse

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Causes Of Child Abuse

In a village, there was a children's playground for the children to play. In an evening, there was a child crying in the playground and then a villager saw and approached the child. When asked why the boy was crying and then she said she was tortured. Villagers saw the bruises found on the child's body and she ever thought a lot of very bruises found on the girl. Later, the villagers ask, why is this possible? The child answered that he always abused by her parents because her parents are having financial problems so that their emotions are not able to controlled. It can be said as the causes of child abuse. Child abuse is when a parent or caregivers, whether by action or failure to act, resulting in injury, death, emotional injury or risk of harm to children. Child abuse occurs as a result of the pressures faced by the caregivers or the people around but it's also because of the behavior of the child itself causes guards could not control the emotions of uncertainty. There are many causes of child abuse such as family structure, child factors, and environmental factors.
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Some of parent do not have a regular job will cause them less money than other family to support their families. It can lead to emotional parents distracted and act beyond the limits and children become victims as a results of the problems encountered. According to Family Resources Center (2017), child abuse can occur due to the problems faced by parents cause children to be victims. In addition, parents are the most powerful person in the organization of family decision making. Parents must be a good leader in the make decision to be a good parents for their children. According to Chamberlin (2014), variants functional role in focusing on the individual trace or errors, the problem stems from the failure of parents to learn to be a good parents. Hence, the family structure can be the factor why child abuse happens in a
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