What Are The Causes Of Procrastination Among University Students

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It is undeniable that most students include university students have the habit of procrastination mostly in their homework, reports and assignments. They usually like to delay their works and do them last minutes. Beswick and Mann (1994) state that procrastination is the action of delaying the beginning or completing an intended course. Ferrari and Pychyl (2008) state that the habit of procrastination brings a lot of negative effects to the students, such as low achievement of students or increase their physical and psychological problems. There are three reasons that cause procrastination among the university students, which are distractions, difficulty in regulating emotions and lack of motivation. The first reason of procrastination…show more content…
There are some causes of lack of motivation, such as lack of confidence, unclear goals and they are surrounded by negativity. Some of the university students are lack of confidence. They always think that they are weak in anything and they will get low marks in their assignments. This will cause them do not have the motion to start or do the assignments. In addition, some university students do not get motivation from their friends. A student’s attitude in his studies is easily influenced by his surrounding friends. For example, if a student is surrounded by the friends who will do their assignments earlier and submit them on time, the student will be motivated by completing and submitting his assignments on time. Moreover, some of the university students do not have their clear goals in their studies. This will cause them lack of motion to study and do their assignments. For example, if a student do not determine a goal or fix a direction in his studies, he will feel bored and become lazy to complete the assignments. This is because he does not know what he will obtain from his studies. Therefore, the third reason of procrastination among the university students is lack of
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