What Are The Causes Of Street Children

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2.2.3 Social Causes
Every phenomenon of social system exists or developed with various perspectives, in this way street children phenomenon has its own social perspective in urban areas of Ethiopia. Most of the population of the street children in urban areas comes from rural areas. Poverty, broken families and lack of healthy interaction between parents and children are main causes for children to move towards urban areas or to start life as street children. Children move from rural areas towards cities bring with them a different perspective and life style. Therefore, social perspective in the street children phenomenon is different from street children having urban and rural background. In the urban cities mostly nuclear family system is
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It is clear that, a child who lives in an abusive family will be influenced by another child who is already living on the street after leaving his/her violent family. The FSCE (2003) names the peer pressure as one of the underlying factors leading to children living on the streets in Ethiopia – most street children choose to go and live on the street as their friends do because they think that this could lead to a better life.
2.3 Challenges Experienced by Street Children
Street children like any other children, need certain resources to meet their physical and emotional needs, needs be protected , to be taught how to live in society, to be educated and to have vocational training as stated in the UNCRC (1989:24).
However, street children are often victims of every conceivable physical and moral danger and as they grow older, they often become a danger to others. After such insecure childhoods, most street children are condemned to spend their lives excluded from mainstream society (Schmidt 2003:27). Street children face untold hardships and dangers on the streets and their living conditions on the roads and public squares of cities all over the world in the eyes of the public, are extremely
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