What Are The Causes Of The Slums?

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Causes of slums There are numerous reasons why people migrated from the rural areas to the cities and the major one is looking for employment opportunities. As a result of media sensationalizing urban living through advertisement and focusing on the wealthy part of the cities, many people are misinformed about urban cities. With little or no training they migrate to the cities in masses in search of wealth they assumed is in the cities. Unfortunately, once in the cities they are faced by a myriad of challenges housing being the biggest. According to (Rashid, 2009), they are secluded from the major city as they cannot afford living within the cities. Most of them come from farms or homes that had been flooded or affected by a natural calamity. This creates a desperate situation that does not allow them to settle elsewhere. Housing becomes a big challenge for migrants in Indonesia since they cannot secure well-paying jobs; this is as a result of the fierce competition for jobs that require highly skilled workers. The jobs they get can only afford them shanties that are located in the slums while some are forced to…show more content…
The governments and the stakeholders have been caught unprepared since the supply of housing is not matching the demand. Public housing is constructed by the local government in order to serve civil servants; however, they are open to members of the public who can afford them since they are affordable. The unpreparedness of the governments in providing decent housing is a contributing factor to the rise of slums in the cities (Ross, 2014). However, the issue of slums has been receiving attention from all stakeholders in the world as the issue has become problematic to the society in general. Issues such as criminal activities being concentrated in slums and high levels of communicable diseases are some of the reasons that have attracted the
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