What Are The Characteristics And Dynamics Of Liberalism And Neoliberalist Theories Essay

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Within the field of international relations theory, neoliberalism and liberal theory have developed out of the notion of states cooperating within the international system. As states realized that through cooperation additional benefits can be gained in an anarchic world, institutions whose goal was to create cooperation among self-interested states took shape. As states initiated this type of multilateralism for mutual gain within the international system, scholars and theorist such as Stein, Keohane, Oye, and Moravcsik among others conceptualized Neoliberal and Liberal theories and the dynamics of the states and the system. There are key characteristics which differentiate these two theories from others in international relations theory. Moreover, these theories analyze why and how states, through working together were able to serve their own interests and attempt to discern the routes which states take towards cooperation which best suit their interest. This paper will attempt to explain the characteristics and dynamics of Liberalism and Neoliberalist theories, as well as display its challenges and limitations.
Main tenets and actors of Liberal theory
Liberalism sees the state as a rational actor however, see the influences from within the state as the main actor facilitating international relations. Additionally, this theory sees the states’ main interest are its well-being, not power within the international system. Well-being of the state is translated through the
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