What Are The Characteristics Of A Robot?

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 The word ROBOT was actually derived by a novelist Karel Capek in the year of 1920. He introduced this word in his play “Rassum’s Universal Robots”. In the language of Czech , robot word means “ a worker or a servant”.
 Robotics is basically the branch of many departments such as mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science.
 It deals with the construction and design of robots. It makes operations and programs for a robot and clarifies its applications.
Characteristics of a Robot:
Robots which are the product of robotics has the following characteristics:
 Robot is actually a machine which is made by humans.
 It functions according to the programs installed in it and it is reprogrammable which means that changes
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3) Many sensors are installed in the body of a robot which work like the five senses of a person. Even a robot has stronger sensors and it utilizes its sensors to even see in the dark, to detect invisible radiations, to measure too small movements which a normal person is not able to do.
4) Storage devices are also there inside the body of a robot to store the programs which are used to control the movement and working of a robot. It also stores the data which it gets through its sensors.

Common Uses of Robots :
1) Robots are used to perform those tasks which are dangerous for human beings like to clean the main circulating pump housing in the nuclear power plant. It is done by special robots named as “Decontaminating Robots”.
2) The Welding Robot is used to perform the tasks of a labor which are stressful for labors and boring as well because they get tired of doing the same tasks again and again.
3) The Scrubmate Robot is used to perform menial tasks which a human does not want to do and feels hesitant.
Robots in Industry:
Many industries make the use of robots which are following:
1) Agriculture
2) Automobile

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