What Are The Characteristics Of Journey To America

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The pilgrims were a group of people who were determined to change their lives. They wanted to live somewhere where they could freely worship God. So, they set off to find somewhere where they would not be persecuted or judged for what they believed. They fought through treacherous waters, sickness, and the new territory once they got on land. The pilgrims showed many different characteristics by making that journey to America. The three biggest characteristics the pilgrims showed were courage (bravery), love, and optimism. The first characteristic is courage. They would have never left England if there was no courage. As a group, they agreed to stop their entire lives, their kid’s lives, and to go to this land they had only heard of. Once the pilgrims arrived in America, it took a lot of courage to deal with the Native Americans and learning to co-exist with them. The biggest show of courage was their ability to make it through the winter. The chilling temperature, once they got to America, was detrimental to their health. All of the deaths and sickness that came because of the winter could have been enough to make them quit, but even faced with the weather; they were able to show courage and make it through it all.…show more content…
The love they had for each other was unbelievable. They all had to take care of each other when they were sick or hurt. The kids grew up together; they were all one big happy family. I also think the love they had for God was undeniably huge. They all risked their lives just so they could worship God. Once they got to America, they had to believe that God would protect them through the tough times they went through. They had many deaths because of the cold, and they did not know how to hunt properly. Believing in God is what kept them together and what brought the Indians to them who showed them what they needed to do to
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