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What are the characteristics of the individuals in this case study? Carla, her husband, and their children were all born in a small coastal mining town. Carla’s parents died when she was young and she was left to her older aunt who was illiterate, this lead to a weakening in Carla’s educational ability.
Carla is shown to be determined and this is evident through the sole-parenting of her two children from an early age. Carla’s husband sustains a head injury at work but failed to report it or seek treatment, demonstrating his lack of confidence in his work environment, perhaps due to a fear of being dismissed.
Carla’s children grew up and moved to the city to seek employment, despite their struggle of education. Carla’s daughter lives with
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The case study is set in a small coastal mining town. From this arise factors of limited employment opportunities, lower income, and populations in rural areas are often far from hospitals and other essential facilities.
Carla 's husband became forgetful after he sustained the head injury and later developed depression. Carla provides care for her ex-husband in times of crisis, which shows the support of one person to another.
When Carla’s children were younger, she and her neighbours would share childcare duties and work opposite shifts. Without the mine, other businesses in town turned over and many of her lifelong friends left town. This would have left Carla without the option and availability to work the shifts she once did, because she did not have the access to the babysitting.
When Carla’s children grew up, they moved to the city. This left Carla isolated in a town where many of her lifelong friends had left and her children had now also moved in search of employment. People are always a phone call away, however person-to-person contact is essential in maintaining healthy social relationships. Working conditions are affected by factors including health and safety, security and working hours. Carla’s husband began working for a casual employer after the mine was made redundant. He sustained a head injury at work but feared losing his job because of incompetence, so he
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