What Are The Characters In Sarah Dessen's Saint Anything

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Over the summer, I read the book Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, who has written twelve New York Times bestsellers for teens. In the book, Sydney’s brother Peyton is put in prison for hitting and paralyzing a young boy while drunk driving. Because of this, Sydney decides to transfer from her private school to the town’s public school to avoid the attention. At her new school, no one knows that she is Peyton’s sister except her new friends, Layla and Mac. They bring her into their family and make her feel loved. Sydney becomes very close to them, but her mother, on the other hand, doesn’t particularly care for Sydney’s new ‘family’. The best part of this book are the interesting and engaging characters. One of the most interesting characters…show more content…
Based on his first impression, Sydney was quite intimidated by him. After they got to know each other, they ended up becoming very close friends. One aspect that makes Mac so interesting is how he changed. When he was younger, he was overweight and unhealthy. According to Layla he “Lost thirty pounds, for starters. And when he started eating better, his skin cleared up” (132). Another example is Mac’s relationship with Sydney. He makes Sydney feel so loved and cared for that she starts spending more and more time with him and less and less time with her real family. My final example is how determined he is to get a good education. He’s a really smart kid and wants to study math and science but his family wants to hand the family business down to him. His persistence and determination to go to school makes him an engaging individual. One final compelling character is Layla. Layla was Sydney’s first friend at her new school. She took Sydney into her own quirky family and made her feel important. She is such a loyal friend to Sydney. Even though Sydney was a little unsure of Layla in the beginning, they ended up becoming really close friends. Sydney wanted to pay Layla back for the help she gave, even if it meant going against her family’s rules, which shows how loyal they are to each
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