What Are The Components Of A Qualitative Research?

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In the world of research, two unique styles of information collecting are utilized in attaining appropriate material for scholarly articles. Qualitative and quantitative data represent two entirely different formats of evidence-based material used in research. The information in all scholarly research articles falls under one or both of these categories. Although people often get these research styles confused, those who wish to write effective evidence-based articles must understand the differences between the two. The purpose of this paper is to identify and discuss the components of a qualitative research article and a quantitative research article by comparing similarities and differences between the two. A Comparison and Contrast of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Components Quantitative research looks at the relationship between selected groups of variables in order to test objective theories. In these studies, the material is collected in a quantified or numeric form. Researchers who desire the most accurate representation of a population use a random sampling method, which presents all members of a population with an equal probability of being included. A quasi-experimental sample, on the contrary, takes only a convenience sample of a population. Despite which method of sampling the researcher chooses, he will use his population to collect empirical data and will analyze this data through descriptive or inferential statistics. After the
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