What Are The Dangers Of Drinking And Driving Persuasive Essay

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Melinda Pavey
Minister Roads, Maritime and Freight
52 Martin Place
Sydney NSW

Alison Landers
420 Kant Street
Dear Melinda Pavey,

I am writing to you as recently it has come to my attention that there are many prevalent road issues that are not being given enough recognition and coverage in public campaigns. One particular issue i am concerned about is the dangers of drink driving in todays youth, it seems that as time goes on it is becoming increasingly common for road accidents to occur in young people when alcohol is involved. The Australian bureau of statistics showed that in 2015 over 67% of deaths from young drivers were caused by drink driving. I believe these statistics are way too high and could potentially be reduced with the right approach.

Right now although there are quite a fair amount of anti drunk driving ads and campaigns in the media, there is next to nothing targeted at the younger audiences that need it the most. I theorise that by even putting younger people in as the actors in these campaigns could even make them more relatable and relevant for todays youth. The National Health & Medical Research Council in 2014 took a survey which shoed that on average around 13% of deaths of 14-17 year olds are caused by alcohol intake.
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I believe that youth drink driving is only as small, focused part of the overall problem of youth alcoholism. The Transport Accident Commission discovered in 2015 that 33% of drink drivers in fatal accidents were between the ages of 17-24. this further supports me theory of how important it is that we get this issue under control as soon as possible. Statistics from the National Hospital Morbidity Database showed that in 2006, just under 3000 hospital separations among young people ages 15-24 had been caused by acute intoxication from
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