What Are The Dangers Of Military Dictatorship

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Danger of US Military Dictatorship Our government mainly our Congress has made so many moves to the other side of the world for war and fighting, it has almost made us look like we have a military dictatorship. Some people say that USA has been moving toward a total military dictatorship and with police power to dominate the American citizens mentally and physically since about the 1920’s. It has grown much more and effectively within the past 95 years. Obama has also been a part of this, making American citizen think he’s not even a citizen of America, helping other countries that are our current and former enemies by letting hostages we have held captive for years free. NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) allowing US citizens to be arrested,…show more content…
That’s crazy with a capital “C”. There’s so much evidence in the world to show how our country is turning into a military dictatorship. This picture here basically shows how our congress and executive branch has turned against us. Obama and congress are responsible for so many deaths sending our troops to try and hold off ISIS. With how much money we have put into our army we can come up with something else than just sending troops in to get killed. The government has probably generated so much information into the US American citizens heads we believe all is good and nothing is wrong. Some ideas and alternative resolutions to trying to prevent our country to being a military dictatorship are to: • Get more detailed information before letting people run for Senate, House or President. This will help us American citizens to not think of our leaders as terrorists. • Control the money expenses for the military or use the payments for better reason to help stop problem in other countries such as ISIS. • Lower strictness on NDAA • Stop letting all authorities try to control us mentally and
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