What Are The Dangers Of Texting And Driving Essay

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Texting and Driving
Texting while driving is a huge concern for parents and kids all around the world. It has became a rising issue as of late with the new technology and cell phones. Teenagers around ages 16-19 are most commonly known for texting and driving. Every year around 5,000 teens die from car accidents and over 400,000 are injured. Texting and driving is almost equivalent to drinking and driving in the sense that you aren’t paying attention to the road and you can possibly go off the road or start swaying towards the middle of the road. This is an issue that needs to be fixes as soon as possible.
When you look down at your phone it narrows your focus and makes it almost impossible to multitask in this kind of way. When interviewed, …show more content…

For instance one could use hands-free technology in the car so they won’t get distracted. Bluetooth stereo systems are easy to use and many include just a simple touch of the button to answer the phone without looking down. Another thing you could do is just silence your cell phone in the car and keep it in your pocket. That way if someone calls or texts, you won’t get notified and you can then stay focused on the road until you make it to your destination. If keeping it in your pocket is a distraction they just put it in the glove box or somewhere out of reach face …show more content…

If you don’t care and keep doing it, that will only make things worse. Choosing to stop and find ways to stop can save lives. With these kinds of solutions, it makes it very easy to find a way to quit texting and driving. There is a lot of technology out there that can help someone become a safer driver and to stop texting in the car. All kinds of apps available for smart devices are there if one chooses to download them and actually use them. It is every parent’s fear that their kid will get into a crash or accident when driving. With these kinds of programs, it reduces texting and driving and can even save a

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