What Are The Differences Between Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story

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What would life be like if there wasn't any romance stories or movies? Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous romance plays ever. West Side Story is a romance and drama movie. They are much alike, from the romance to the drama and the characters. There are many differences between the two. Tony from West Side Story is just like Romeo in many ways. Tony and Romeo both fall madly in love with a girl. Tony loves a girl named Maria. Romeo loves a girl named Juliet. Both of their families don't want them to be with each other. Juliet’s cousin named Tybalt is just like Maria’s cousin named Bernardo. They are both cousins of the girls that Romeo and Tony love. Paris the guy that Juliet's parents want her to marry. In West Side Story the guy…show more content…
Maria and Juliet are just alike, they both fall deeply in love with boys that they're not supposed to be with. Maria sews for a job, while Juliet has no job. Juliet’s family is rich, Maria’s family is poor. The nurse from Romeo and Juliet basically raised Juliet, in West Side Story, Anita is like the nurse but Anita didnt raise Maria. The nurse tried to do anything to make Juliet happy, Anita was there for Maria, but she wasn't like her mother. The memorable scenes and setting can be similar but different. The setting in West Side Story was New York, while in Romeo and Juliet it was in Verona. West Side Story was in the 1950’s. Romeo and Juliet was in 1500’s. In the movie West Side Story it seemed newer and it wasn't as boring and drug out, but Romeo and Juliet seemed like it took forever to get over with. What would life really be like without and romance or drama? Romeo and Juliet is the most famous romance story still to this day! West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet are alike but yet different in many ways. Both of the beginnings in both of the stories were very slow. The endings in both were very sad, and they both had a twist. Each of the stories had one of the main characters die at the end. They were both just alike throughout the whole
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