What Are The Differences In Labor Systems In The North And South

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Difference in labor systems in the North and South In the 1800s slavery was a major issue in its time. Slavery is described as being held against someone's will;It is being imprisoned and not being able to escape a dark abyss. People that were enslaved were either born into slavery or vended off to plantations workers. There were 2 different labor systems that were the North and the South. The North and South labor system have similarities that they share as well as differences. In the South, it was very well known for slaves to be working in plantation fields. The often would work cultivating cotton, tobacco, and sugar. Tobacco was a very popular cash crop, but died out due to the harsh conditions it would give the soil. Moreover, southern states were referred to as Cotton Kingdom. The reason being is because in the southern states, cotton was the major cash crop they grew. In addition, more than 50% of the cotton was grown in the south. Additionally, the culture in the South was quite different compared to the slaves that were in the North. The southern slave states culture was determined by plantation owners and families. The slaves were not authorized to be educated, and only the plantation owners had the right to be educated. They were not allowed to attend school and their culture revolved around the plantations. To add in, their economy revolved around the agricultural plantations. The southern grew cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo. Many of
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