What Are The Different Convictions Types?

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Everyone has convictions, whether they even know it or not. Convictions can be evident in any viewpoint or thought that a person or persons have or believe in. These views and beliefs can be garnered by the individual or instilled by others throughout life and can have either a positive or a negative impact on others and us. Dr. Steven Riser (2004) wrote that, “Having convictions is being so thoroughly convinced that something is absolutely true that you take a stand for it regardless of the consequences” (para. 9). In fact, through our views and beliefs, we establish and form our convictions and we shape ourselves. This paper will discuss the following: 1. What are the different conviction types? 2. How to avoid these conviction types? Many of the situations and aspects that people face in life can substantially affect and contribute to their views and through these views, people can establish and form their personal convictions. What are the different conviction types? There are many different types of convictions. There are positive convictions and then there are convictions that people would do well if they would stir clear of them. These four conviction types are superstitious convictions, selfish convictions, convictions opposed to change, and negative convictions. The first conviction type superstition is based in irrational and erroneous beliefs. Christopher Sackett (2012) wrote that, “Convictions that are little more than superstitions are based on blind fate”
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