What Are The Different Types Of Serial Killers

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Serial killers are not something that is new to our modern day world. These type of killers have dated as far back as the 19th century and are even more prevalent in our society today. When murder is associated with serial killers, individuals assume that murderers and serial killers are essentially the same word, but serial killers are a type of murderer. When an individual commits two or more crimes, with no apparent motive and often uses the same type of behavior pattern that is predictable, these murderers are categorized as a serial killer. Investigators and historians study serial killers and their motives, and there have been many cases that have grown cold. One in particular that is still trying to be cracked open today is the identity…show more content…
“Some have even speculated that Jack the Ripper was in actuality Jull the Ripper, and female suspects include Mary Pearcey” (Klein). None of these suspects were ever charged, but over the years have been eliminated from being the killer entirely. When police discovered Catherine Eddowes mutilated body was found, there was an article of clothing that would later become valuable in finding out who the killer could be. In the article, “Has Jack the Ripper’s Identity Been Revealed?”, Christopher Klein wrote “As the police completed their work, Acting Sergeant Amos Simpson reportedly made an odd request to take home a blood splattered shawl-blue and dark brown with a pattern of Michaelmas daisies at either end-found at the crime scene as a gift for his wife.” His wife stashed the shawl away and it was passed on from generation to generation. In 2007, the shawl was put up for auction and purchased by a businessman named Russel Edwards. Shockingly, the fabric was never washed, so it contained DNA on it, which Edwards has DNA tested. “Now after more than three years of scientific analysis, Russell says that Jack the Ripper’s true identity has been found interwoven in the ragged, 126-year-old shawl, and he fingers Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski as the serial killer…” (Klein). Edwards then…show more content…
Even though mitochondrial DNA isn’t the most effective form, it showed a direct descendant of Eddowes and she was matched to the crime. So, why not believe that the descendant from Kosminski to be a correct identifier as well. Also, other indicators lead to Kosminski was well. He had just recently moved to Whitechapel over half a dozen years before the murders started, plus the shawl that was found at the crime scene deemed to have been from where he lived. “Dr. Fyaz Ismail, determined that the fabric’s age predated the 1888 murders and was likely made near St. Petersburg, Russia. The region of Poland where Kosminski was born was under Russian control, and it would not have been unusual for Russian goods to have been traded there” (Klein). With all of this evidence, I believe that we should lay this case to rest and accept that Jack the Ripper is Aaron
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