What Are The Disadvantages Of Fast Food

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Who does not love fast food? We all do because it taste and looks so good. But, did you ever thought about it effects to our bodies and health?fast food is food that is made and served quickly, and you can find it in restaurants, malls, snack bars, and in most of the places which people spend most of their time in.. It is less healthier compared to other food's resturants. It contains high amount of sugar, salt and fats. Nowadays, fast food is very popular in most of the countries, because it is convenient, and inexpensive compared to other food restaurants, and tastes really good and delicious. Fast food restaurants should be banned because it has many dangerous and harmful effects to our health. Firstly, fast food has many disadvantages…show more content…
Instead of that, they order fast food and deliver it to wherever they are, so, it saves a lot of time and energy.“The term “fast food” was named so because of what it means, literally, food served fast.” (“8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food.”. 2016 ). Also, fast food is an excellent option for people who do not know how to cook. A further advantage is that, fast food restaurants offers a healthy meals for people on diet. A balanced and healthy diet is also possible with fast food restaurants. Salads are a smart choice, and you can skip sugar drinks and order low fat milk or fresh juices. Another benefit for fast food is that, it saves money. It is absolutely cheaper than other restaurants and home-made meals. Because of that, it is the most common meal choice of lower class folks in our societies. In conclusion, fast food have advantages and disadvantages, but it is a fact that the disadvantages is way more than the advantages. Fast food is a way to destroy our world by many ways, and it is our mission to community awareness. We have to completely stop eating fast
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