What Are The Dissidents?

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This article is about how Eastern Europeans viewed Dissidents. The Dissidents from the 1970s and 1980s were no longer popular. The Dissidents that played an important role in politics and created symbols such as Havel and Walesa were not seen as heroes but rather communists and traitors of Europe (181). Tamas describes the treatments towards the Dissidents from the citizens. That just with the mention of their names people laughed and poked fun at the Dissidents. Tamas compares the difference between the Dissidents and the rest of the population. Academic scholars was obsessed with fame, and international travels. For the Dissidents, it did not matter what they gained but what they cared about is that their pride was in their work. How much people they can reach how many copies of work they could distribute before the police comes (182).In the article, Tamas addresses one of the main questions that was asked about the Dissidents. That is if they consider themselves intelligent individuals, then why would they act against their own interest?…show more content…
They were able to question the efficacy of the reforms, they challenged the leading political discourse, and they challenged the idea that resistance in any form is dangerous. The Dissident also questioned the moral stance of those that did not speak up for what they believed was right, but rather choose to silently opposed the communist regime. The Dissidents were consider strange individuals that talked about parallel societies and subcultures (183). The Dissidents did not collapse the communist party nut rather they were an important factor that contributed the to collapse. They were a historical movement that stood for justice and
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