What Are The Earth 's Magnetic Poles?

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Research Question: Through brief discussions with my father, the position of sleep became a concerning topic at home. Disagreements between dad and I helped me cross-pollinate ideas and queries regarding sleep. Refining and eliminating through the process of planning ignited potential options. Combining and recombining aspects of sleep through devising and communications with the teacher, a question was produced. Whether the magnetic fields and position of sleep were connected fascinated me, whilst curiosity to discover and reveal questioning about the matter urged me to find an explanation. Guiding questions: What are the Earth 's magnetic poles?  How do two magnetic poles work?  significance to Earth Where are they situated?  Are they situated anywhere?  How strong are they?  Does it link to the health of humans? What factors contribute to/ to lack of sleep?  Does it depend on individual?  Mattress, the position of sleep?  Disorders/ sleeping disorders? What are the connections between the brain and magnetism?  Particular links greatly affecting sleep Are there any activities present in the brain whilst sleeping?  Is the brain still active?  Are there different types of sleep? Possible sources available, appropriate to topic include: www.aadsm.org American Academy of Dental sleep Medicine. (Email interview). Sleep specialist. (Interview in Adelaide or through email). Psychologist. (Interview). Adelaide institute of Sleep. (Interview) Quora.
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