What Are The Economic Impact Of Modern Ballet

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During its development as an individual art, modern ballet has an impact on key stakeholders and the wider society – children, students, schools and colleges, individuals, sponsors, spectators.
Over the years, modern dance has had different impacts on key stakeholders and the wider society. Early contemporary dance identified itself in opposition to ballet as students were often forbidden from taking modern ballet classes. However, over the decades, modern dance and ballet began to influence each other.( DanceMotionUSA, 2010). During the earliest stage of modern ballet’s development the wave of enthusiasm for the performances and choreographies of Maud Allan and Ruth St. Denis unleashed American dance or “aesthetic dance” as it spread over
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According to a study made by NEA, “the average annual income modern dance choreographers earned from their artistic work in 1989 in New York was $6000, while their personal expenses totaled $13,000” (Horwitz, 2014). Including money earned in other occupations, the average income of a dancer reached only $22,000. Few years later, the situation has not changed much. The difference is that dancers are much more dedicated to work under economic conditions as the human stimulus to create new modern ballet techniques and improve themselves is so stronger that people will resist significant hardship to pursue it (Horwitz, 2014). On the contrary, many inexperienced and young dancers enter the dance field with unrealistic career expectations, undertaking on a life of personal instability, financial uncertainness and physical risk. Moreover, young dancers often take student debts in order to participate in contemporary dance art system. According to Brooklyn Commune Report, the choice of people to pursue job careers with relatively lower incomes but larger psychic incomes is becoming less common for the population today, as for those who choose a career in ballet, the negative economic impacts of their lifestyle and its quality is much more higher than it was 40 years ago (Horwitz,
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