What Are The Economic, Social And Political Reasons For Catalonia 's Desire? Secede From Spain?

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What are the economic, social and political reasons for Catalonia’s desire to secede from Spain? Since Catalonia’s post-Franco reinstatement in 1980, September 11th has been a day to celebrate the end of the War of the Spanish Succession. La Dia Nacional de Catalunya, or The National Day of Catalonia, has never been celebrated like it was on September 11th, 2012. An estimated 1.5 million people demanded independence for Catalonia on the streets of Barcelona, waving the new Catalan Independence flag. The slogan for the rally was “Catalonia, a new European state”. “In November 2014, Catalan nationalists held an unofficial poll, and 80% voted in favor of independence. In addition to the unofficial vote, Catalan nationalist parties won…show more content…
With over 1,000 years of distinct regional history, their own language, a huge population and strong economy, many Catalan’s believe that they are a separate nation already, and want to legitimize it. Catalan national parties have been a very powerful force in Catalan politics since the reconvention of the Catalan government, or the Generalitat, in 1977. In 2012, the Generalitat was ruled by the CiU (Convergéncia I Unió) and Arturo Mas, CiU’s leader. Mas’s push for an early vote in November 2014 is an example of how Catalan politics are playing a large role in the movement towards independence. Although many Spaniards argue that Catalonia already has their own regional government, Catalan’s argue that their interests are not properly represented in Madrid. There has never been a Catalan Prime Minister, and the Catalan’s believe that Catalonia will not be served equally under the Spanish national government. The objective of my thesis is to better understand the factors that underlie Catalonia’s desire to secede from Spain. Borrowing from academic literature, this thesis will identify the economic, ethnic/social and political factors that have played a role in the movement towards Catalan independence. The method for my thesis will be a case study and historical methodology and possibly a non-participant observation. This methodology will allow me to address the research
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