What Are The Effects Of Old Age Essay

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The people who lived past sixty years of their age are commonly known as aged or elderly. Every each of us is getting older day by day. It is time to adjust our thinking. Everyone who survives teenage and youth will get old. Visible problems with no noticeable sign like loss of hearing, fatigue; appetite loss; insomnia; difficulty concentrating; loss of interest in life or the ability to enjoy it; feelings of emptiness, guilt, sadness, and hopelessness; wishing for death; and thinking of suicide are the examples of changes happen in any particular order elderly. Old age is still an unacceptable physiological process, which cannot be delay until a future time, undecided and indefinitely.
It is common to diagnose old age disabilities
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One has to perceive both physical and socio-psychological aspects of life of the aged to understand life conditions of elderly. Even though dying is a natural part of existence, but we still not too open to talk about it. Even very few research studies focus on their requirement and difficulty in old age. Rather than having open discussions, we tend to view death as a feared enemy that can and should be defeated by modern medicine and…show more content…
There is gradual loss to the sensory system as the normal ageing process continues. As we get aged it becomes restricted and limited. Dr Juliana Yordanova, from Bulgarian, done a study in 2003 and stated that sensorimotor slowing in ageing by comparing stimulus processing in young and older adults (J. Yordanova et al, 2003). One of the most significant problems due to sensory disabilities among ageing population is the disorders of balance and stability. Furthermore, elderly people often lose their ability to taste and smell due to sensory disability. Hence, their appetite will also be
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