What Are The Ethical Dilemma In Nursing

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In addition to technical support provided to patients, nurses must address the psychosocial challenges and ethical conflicts associated with caring for critically ill patients and their families. More often Nurses are left with dilemmas when it comes to decision making and trying to up holds the ethics of autonomy, who to listen to, the client or the family? Ethically the patient has the right to choose what’s best for self, but is powerlessness when one is brought to hospital in a critical condition.
Ethical dilemmas are the main common challenges faced by nurses, during practice almost on daily basis. These dilemmas can erupt amongst nurses themselves, or nurses and doctors and the worst between nurses and patients.
Conflicting obligations arises when the nurse is supposed to make ethical decisions between what to be done versus what not to be done, making it difficult to choose between the two. There are several factors that brings about ethical dilemmas such as, increase in consumer demands, shortage of resources, truth telling, withholding information, withdrawing
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One is to help the bereaved to develop their own ways of coping and the other is to ensure that their own difficulties, needs and attitudes relating to death and dying of their patients do not compromise their psychological well-being. It was noted by the same author that the psychological impact and after events prevalent in a critical care nurses’ working environment remains relatively unexplored. Michell (2010) also felt that repetitive exposure to resuscitative measures, end-of-life care needs, prolonging life by pharmacological and mechanical means and the continuous adjustment of these critical care nurses to this hostile environment, results in psychological disorders such as post-traumatic stress
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