What Are The Ethical Effects Of Sex Trafficking

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In today’s society, young adults rely on pop culture to teach them the ways of the world. No longer do parents sit down and teach their children right from wrong. With practically all young adults having a smart phones or some type of technology at their fingertips, they learn how to act in society from what they see on these devices. This content affects various subjects, but the most troubling is the potential impact it has on human sex trafficking. Music videos are a facet of pop culture that influences young adults’ moral views of prostitution and pimping. Because these young adults can see prostitution and pimping depicted as something accepted by society, they are more likely to accept it in their own lives. As a result, they are more susceptible to manipulation by perpetrators who run human sex trafficking outfits. This is depicted…show more content…
If he sexy, he planking on me; So when them big boys want all of that”. This continues to promote prostitution when Nicki sings about getting money and having sex with the guy. She makes an assertion that if a guy expresses interest in her, he will get whatever he wants. A combination of Nicki’s lyrics and music video for “The Night is Still Young”, attempts to bring a positive light to the promiscuous lifestyle of a prostitute, making it seem glamorous.
Both 50 cents “P.I.M.P.” and Nick Minaj’s “The Night is Still Young” have the potential to influence young adults who depend on pop culture to teach them how to act in society. As young adults become more accepting of prostitution and pimping as a legitimate way to make a living, it also creates a culture susceptible to human sex trafficking. Many argue that prostitution is human sex trafficking and even when it is by choice, it is what a German abolitionist call poverty
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