What Are The Ethical Issues Involved?

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Step 2: What are the ethical issues involved? If LeBlanc orders the t-shirts from China she knows that it has low wages, rigorous work schedules, poor safety regulations, and a lack of worker’s compensation and benefits for its employees. After all, she had witnessed firsthand similar conditions when she visited a Bulgarian clothing factory while with the University of Virginia. She also had to think about the global recession, and how it would make the company look by outsourcing for cheaper t-shirts instead of supporting U.S. companies. However, if she orders the t-shirts from the San Francisco company, which she had worked with in the past, she knows good working conditions exist for the employees there. Also, even though the t-shirts were more expensive they were made of good quality, fair-trade, organic, and eco-friendly. Step 3: Who are the stakeholders impacted by the situation? Stakeholders impacted by this situation would involve CEO, clients, LeBlanc, business image, and the China and San Francisco companies. The CEO is impacted because if LeBlanc fails, it will reflect on the decision making of the CEO in giving such an important project to an intern. Also, the clients, because if LeBlanc makes the decision to go with the China company the t-shirts will not be of as good quality, and stylish as from the San Francisco company. LeBlanc is also impacted because her grade, and her reputation is on the line. If she decides to order from the China company
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