What Are The Factors That Impact The Civil Rights Movement

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Over the decades equality among races has taken a tremendous turn in society, as individuals are becoming more accepting of one another. Between the civil war in 1865 and the civil rights movement, the emancipation proclamation was signed , marking the end of slavery in America. Although this abolished slavery blacks continued to face the struggle of equality. In the mid-1950s to 1960s racism and discrimination were a big part of the American society. White individuals declared dominance over other races which lead to African Americans beginning a movement known as the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement enabled blacks to receive the freedom they were entitled too. The civil rights act, the voting act and the fair housing act were all passed ending legal segregation in the United States. Change has occurred due to the unfair treatment of African Americans, the protests and movement for freedom, and the activism of leaders at the time. Many individuals lost their lives, were imprisoned, or badly hurt due to the racism that was being portrayed. African Americans were treated as…show more content…
Former president John F Kennedy impacted the civil rights movement. As a white president he believed and made it known that discrimination as to be ended. In 1963, he gave a televised address to America announcing he would send a civil rights bill to congress which would outlaw racial segregation and make employment discrimination illegal. Another leader who made an impact on civil rights was Malcolm X. Malcolm X was a Muslim minister who believed blacks would defend themselves by any means. His views on the segregation and discrimination were different than other leaders but the overall goal was the same. Malcolm X’s teachings lived on forming black organizations . Possibly the most influential leader in the civil rights movement
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