What Are The Five Contexts Of Communication

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Five Contexts of Communication
Jonathan M. McPheters
University of the People Five Contexts of Communication In class this week, we learned about the five contexts of communication. I was aware of these types of communications, but it is interesting to read a little bit about how these types of communication exist and how they play into an everyday situation. In this essay, I will discuss and argue in my own words how each one of these exists, along with how and when they effect a group or an individual and I will share a personal experience regarding group communication. What if you were talking about private medical information to an individual and there were other people in the room? What if there was people in the room that were not privy to the information that you are about to release? You would want to make sure that you use the proper method of communication; interpersonal communication. If you were a person that was
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Group communication is not like the last two, simply because instead of talking to one or two people, you are now discussing a topic with a small to large “group” of people. This is a conversation between people, and this allows for group think, group share, and also allow for the exchange of knowledge. Moreover, each person can have some time to control the conversation or control the room.
The last two forms of communication are public and mass communication. These two have some similarities, as that they are both addressing a large number of people, but they are different because in public communication, this is a meeting amongst people under the same purpose, or a speaker of an event will speak with limited to no interruption. In mass communication, this is like watching the news, or writing a press release to a group of constituents, or moreover a nation or possibly the world. You are reaching a large number of people that you need to convey information
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