What Are The Five Crucial Elements For Successful Inclusion?.

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What are the five crucial elements for successful inclusion? Leadership is imperative in a changing environment because it prepares a smooth and working environment. First, adults need to have a vision of their goal in order to turn it into a reality. Second, adults need to be an example to the children and other staff because it encourages the same or better outcome. Third, coaching helps children achieve success, knowledge, confidence and friendship. Fourth, Leaders must manage their time efficiently because the well-being of the children is in their hands. Finally, leaders must be innovative to facilitate all activities with staff and students. In the article “School Principals’ Influence on Trust: Perspectives of Mothers of Children…show more content…
Joint participation focuses on teamwork, shared philosophies emphasize a same belief so that there is unity between members, stabilized relationships enhance inclusion, sharing ownership allows the teacher to feel important in the child’s life, and communication opens many doors, knowing what roles belong to us is critical because then we can finish the job, and administrative support helps the staff have the proper resources for the inclusion of children with special needs. When these characteristics aren’t shown, parents may feel uncomfortable with the environment and can then therefore affect the trust between them and the principal. Why would one work in a place that is not welcoming? Having the adequate supports in an educational setting removes an obstacle and encourages innovations. One’s experience and training enhances the success of including all children. It is our job as a community to help each other out, if we let one small thing stop us from doing our job than we will never be able to succeed in life. I agree with the article: “Preparing preservice teachers for inclusion in secondary classrooms” when it says: “School administrators and teacher education personnel must search for new avenues to pursue this goal and establish field study or practice situations” (Turner, 2003). A teacher’s job is to educate and support their students. One spends about 25 years in school, there are countless lessons we all learn. It is for this reason
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