What Are The Five Main Functions Of Global Human Resource Management?

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Article 1- “What are the five main functions of Global Human Resource Management ?” According to the article the worldwide integration of business has made an impact on the task of Human Resource managers because of diverse culture, new notions and different products. In the article there are five main international concepts that are essential for Human Resource Management to ensure the smooth working of business. These are as follows- • Hiring- To entice, retain and recruit a proficient worker is the most elementary work for human resource management. However to make this hiring process successful there several features that are adjoined with this process such as making a job description, candidate interviews, offers, discussing salaries…show more content…
It is a sensitive work for HR department because it has needs and wants of people across different cultures. • Legal Conformity- It is most crucial but yet understated work of HR department. To ensure that all laws such as minimum wage to workers, tax laws, break timings, discrimination policies etc are being followed to ensure smooth working of organization. The above article is related to global Human Resource Management because it shows how to hire an employee and other important roles of HR department that are very important for an organization to be successful globally. It also lists some of the responsibilities of the international HR department that are also very important in order for a company to perform better and compete with their competitors. This article is related to a topic we studied in our class as it shows the role and responsibilities of HR department whether it is domestic or global in every organization. It also highlights that if HR department can manage to do these duties responsibly than the company can work smoothly in domestically as well as internationally. Question for my partner Question- Why is the planned recruitment and retaining of employees important for an organization? Article 2- “Tips for a successful International Relocation.“ In the article the author states that sending people across the globe can take a troll on individuals due to stress, phobia of moving into
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