What Are The Five Themes Of Geography

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Geographers use something called the five themes of geography, this idea helps them fully understand a particular area. The first theme is location and the second and third is physical characteristics and the interaction of the environment. The movement of people, goods, and ideas is the fourth. The final one is the regions that makeup of an area. For the sake of the essay, I will be studying my grandmas and grandpas house by using the five themes. My grandparents have a huge property and a huge house and that is why in this paragraph I will take the time to describe the layout. My grandpa's house is on the very top of the hill next to the gravel driveway that is very steep. If you go down further you will see the shop. The shop has four…show more content…
At the farm, their is also a lot of cows that frequently get bought by Subiaco. That means there are many customers that come on his property to look at the cattle. This information describes the movement of people and the interaction of the environment. This is the most important themes to geographers. A final theme is a landscape. My grandma's house is on a hill and her property is filled with Pine and Spruce trees. They also live next to a lake which means they live on the coast. Their land is filled with lots of sharp rocks and has a lot of vegetation. This information is useful to a geographer so that they know they know the landscape. Because if you were to go to Egypt most people might think the land there studying is dessert, but what happens when they study an oasis instead. This is why it is important. The five themes might not seem important at first, but once you hear an example you start to realize why it is important. This is why the five themes of geography were created in the first place. It was designed to make geographers jobs easier. This is why it is important to be taught to us while we are young because those things that we are taught stay with us when we are adults in the modern
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