What Are The Four Functions Of Management

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There are number of factors for managers that contributes to the success of the business. The four functions of management are established to help managers see how effectively they carry out the roles (Schermerhorn 2011:112). The aim of this essay is to discus the four functions, which includes planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Also, It will look at how the different level managers in an organization and the influence of the theories of Douglas McGregor and Abraham Maslow.

In business managers are divided into three parts: top-level, middle managers and first-level managers. The quality of management has a strong impact on he satisfaction of customers and employees and their efficiency. Efficient employees are productive and help in making the organization a success. Job titles such as President, managing director, chief operating officer, chief executive officer are example of Top-level managers, they are the ones who establish the company s objectives, policy and strategy; making long-term goals, Top managers are responsible for making organization-wide decisions and establishing the plans and goals that affect the entire organization. Top-level management leaves it to Human Resources to ensure policy, programs and processes in place. Middle level management has the responsibility to ensure that all the functions of the organization run smoothly so that top-level management has the time to execute their tasks without problem.…

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