What Are The Four Leadership Styles Of Path Goal Theory Of Leadership

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Topic: It is said that many companies are over managed and under led. Define leadership and explain what the path-goal theory of leadership is. Identify the four leadership styles of path-goal theory and explain when they are most appropriately used.

Managers and leaders are both important individuals to have in an organisation, but it is important that the balance of management and leadership are at the right levels to ensure the business is running at its finest (Williams, McWilliams & Lawrence 2017). Managers and leaders along with leadership and management differ in many ways, however they are both necessary to an organisation; path-goal theory being one form of leadership that relates
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Managers focus on productivity and efficiency of employees, whereas leaders focus on the goals and objectives, vision and mission of the business (Williams, McWilliams & Lawrence 2017). Another difference that managers and leaders have is that leaders endeavour to inspire and motivate others to come up with solutions to problems, managers on the other hand solve the problems so that others can do their work (Williams, McWilliams & Lawrence 2017). Important traits that a leader normally has include cognitive ability, drive, emotional stability, honesty and integrity, knowledge of the business, self-confidence and the desire to lead (Williams, McWilliams & Lawrence 2017). These traits have been discovered through the trait theory being that leaders that are effective all possess a similar set of traits, usually being those above (Williams, McWilliams & Lawrence 2017). According to Dalakoura (2010, p. 433) ‘…leaders are responsible for building organisations in which people continually expand their capacity to learn, to understand complexity and to set the vision for the organisation.’ It is however essential that managers and leaders are both present within an organisation, as without one the balance to attain goals and run smoothly will be lost.
The path-goal leadership theory states that
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