What Are The Four Pillars Of NHS

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Scholarship, service, leadership, and character; these are the four pillars of NHS, and these are four things that are taken into consideration when finding new candidates for NHS. In every class, some people automatically can’t try because they don’t meet the scholarship requirement. Then more people are taken out because they don’t meet the character requirements. Even more people are taken out because they haven’t spent enough time doing community service, and then more because they don’t have much experience as a leader. After all of this, you are left with a select few people who make it to the interview, and I believe I should be one of those few. With high grades, multiple weeks in which I have served, more than one leadership position,…show more content…
Family, friends, and religion fall into that category, and so does serving. Because serving is important Because I have a sister with a disability, I have had the unique opportunity to serve at a week-long camp created for kids and adults with disabilities two years in a row. Both times I worked there, I served food, cleaned bathrooms, cleaned dishes, and helped with the disabled children in any way I could. Not only do I have experience working with disabled children, but I also have spent time working with children and adults in Cactus, Texas on a Foreign Frogs mission trip last spring break, where we worked with adults who didn’t speak English and helped in ESL classes the days we were there and helped watch their children while their parents were in ESL classes. We also helped with an Easter egg hunt for the children, most of which had never been in one before, and we handed out gloves for the children because a lot of their families didn’t have enough money to buy them warm clothes. In addition to that, I have helped at Parkwood Village by serving food on Thanksgiving and have visited some of the residents and talked and made puzzles with
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