What Are The Four Types Of Database And Their Pros And Cons

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Introduction: In this document I am going to explain what database is and then I am going to list four different types of database and their pros and cons (Advantages and Disadvantages) for all databases that has been listed. And finally I am going to give an example of each database when it can be used.
What is a Database?
A database is a group of data and ii is often shortened DB. They are mainly or normally used for two purposes. Storing data and sorting data. You can save different types of information that is organised so that you could easily access in a database. Databases usually have a lot of information kept in it and you can filter through the data very simply. Database work very similar to spreadsheets as, spreadsheets have got rows and columns, similarly, database also have. For example, the company stores all the names of employers and employee with their personal information. Company can separate their employee and employer by giving each individual an ID number which symbolizes an individual. This is mainly stored into the database and it is the basic method of filtering. Now I am going to talk about the different databases. Which are 1) Flat File, 2) Relational Database, 3) Network Database and 4) Hierarchical Database? And I am going to talk about them and their pros and cons and also I am going to give an example for each of them.
Flat File: A flat file is a collection of data stored in one big table. It is a fairly simple and straightforward database
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