What Are The Four Values In The Spokane Police Department

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The book list that four values that they think deserve special emphasize as efficiency, legality, equity, and accountability (Cordner, 2016.) They also listed some of the examples of values used for police departments as Portland Police Bureau highlight on (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Service) and Madison Police Department values as (Human Dignity, Service, Community Partnership, integrity, Proficiency and Continuous Improvement, Diversity, and Leadership) (Cordner, 2016.) Mangan from Spokane valued Community Partnership by creating a committee and wanted the department and community united (Cordner, 2016.) He also valued Continuous Improvement by seeking out strengths and weaknesses to work and improve on them (Cordner, 2016.)…show more content…
Through its partnership with the community, it will continue to provide innovative, effective, and efficient services with pride and dedication…. We are dedicated to a philosophy of policing which commits us to a working partnership in our community and to proactively address those issues which can enhance its quality of life” (Sheingold, n.d.) This was a goal/vision that they created to motivate their department and community to create a better and stronger department. This allowed both the community and departments goals to flow together into one, while still valuing each of their
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