What Are The Goals Of The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement was a very important event that changed lives for this country. Many people played a role in the movement but some of the main leaders were Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and Andrew Goodman. They wanted to change African American rights.
During the time of the movement, African Americans were treated very poorly. There was a big problem with racism, voting rights, sanitary facilities, and segregation. The black leaders wanted to end racism, end segregation, and get voting rights. They wanted to rebel, but they didn’t want to react with violence so instead they would have silent protests and walks through cities. There were many cases where they would just be simply walking through the town, not tearing everything up or bringing violence, and the police would come. They would beat and kill multiple people when they would break up these protests, and the blacks would still not fight back. In many states these silent protests were taking place, not just Alabama. They weren’t hurting anyone,
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They went to the president multiple times to bring up their major goals that they needed accomplished. Martin Luther held a speech in washington, D.C. which brought a massive crowd to listen. In the end, there were things that may never be changed but there were also things that the African Americans did accomplish. Racism is a thing that may never go away, and it’s everywhere. The blacks did get their voting rights along with segregation mostly ending. There was still some segregation, but not how it had been. The African Americans fought for their rights the right way. Today for them is much different than it would have been if they would not have stood up for themselves. All people deserve equal rights, it doesn’t matter what race you are and our country needs to acknowledge that and protect those
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