What Are The Grants For Statistics

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1. What are the grants for statistics calculations in 2015
Statistical research is wide and you can find a high-level overview of interests. You want to make sense of data around you and know how and when to use all this techniques and formulas of statistics. You have to remember that statistical research is worth doing for reaching personal goals and receiving grants. You can receive an opportunity for statistical research scholarship or thanks to statistical scholarships job offer you were waiting for.
Below you can find a list of possible grants you can get for statistics scholarship:

HORIZON 2020The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Wellcome Trust - a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health by
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MSc Medical Statistics Scholarship Fund: For Students From Special Circumstance Countries. (356 words)
When you 're trying to find a reasonable answer to a question, which is almost not exist or when you know that answer is probably not so reasonable as you would wish that you can think about Statistical research. (39 words)

2. What is the easiest software to make calculations in To do statistical analysis, you need to use the appropriate software. It has to be special software for managing data and calculating a wide variety of statistics.
The best choice will be one of the software listed below:

 Stata
 R
 Statistica
 Minitab
 Excel
Here is a description of the most common software for statistics calculations and links to tutorials on how to use this software.
 SPSS Statistics “is a software package used for statistical analysis The versions are officially named IBM SPSS Statistics. Companion products in the same family are used for survey authoring and deployment, data mining text analytics, and collaboration and deployment. The software name stands for Statistical Package (spss data) for the
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