What Are The Ideologies Associated With Societal Views Of The Environment And How One Should Effectively Approach Natural Resource Conservation

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Caroline Cooper
Professor M. Sellers
February 12, 2016
Environmental Values
Today, there are three main ideologies associated with societal views of the environment and how one should effectively approach natural resource conservation. There is anthropocentrism which places human needs and utility as the highest priority and values the environment only to the point at which it is useful to humans. In the words of Aristotle (Politics, Bk. 1, Ch. 8), “nature has made all things specifically for the sake of man” (Brennan, 2002). This ideology focuses on “use value” of resources, seeing them as tools to increase the wellbeing of society (Mazzotta, 1995). This “use value” can and has been put into specific dollar amounts that are
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The acknowledgement of the necessity to preserve all life as well as the promotion of biodiversity and stability of ecosystems is really what sets this ideology apart from the others (Mazzotta, 1995). Lastly there is technocentrism in which the basis of this is the belief and reliance on modern society to solve environmental issues through innovation as well as economic strategy and natural resource management. It is believed that through technological advances, humankind may overcome any environmental obstacles that may arise (Pepper, 1996). This ideology holds that humankind can control nature through technology as well as create more sustainable processes when interacting with the environment (Sustainable Environment). From the experiences I have had over the years, respect and understanding of something or someone else seems to be the only way to really care about the outcome of the subject in question. Saying this, the fact that ecocentrism focuses on connections between humans and nature, I believe this ideology is most important when it comes to dealing with environmental issues. By grouping humans and nonhumans together and not allowing the interests of society to gain a higher moral ground than environmental interests, ecocentrism promotes sustainable interactions throughout nature. This ideology does not claim that human beings are of equal or
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