What Are The Impact Of Social Justice And Criminal Justice

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How do social welfare institutions and criminal justice institutions threaten people’s identity? Discuss through Goffman and Foucault. Introduction This essay will look at how the social welfare institutions and criminal justice institutions threaten people’s identity. It will look at this issue through the work Erving Goffman and Michel Foucault. Goffman’s idea of dramaturgy and how people go through life by putting on a ‘Mask’ and engaging in an act for an audience. This essay will then look at Foucault’s’ idea Normalisation and how norms change throughout era to era. Stigma is another one of Goffman’s ideas; stigma is mostly giving to something that is ‘Visible’ such as an unmarried pregnant women, it can be seen that she is pregnant, however the by looking at a man you cannot see that he is expecting a baby out of wedlock. The Fourth idea this essay will look is…show more content…
It has moved from public torture of an individual that were suspected or convicted of committing a crime to the disciplining, incarceration and surveillance of those convicted of crimes in the present day (Mills 2003). Foucault writes about how a man was punished, tortured and humiliated. He was humiliated as “he was taken and conveyed in a cart, wearing nothing put shirt, holding a torch of burning wax, weighing two pounds”(Foucault 1977). And he was punished and tortured as ‘the flesh will be torn from his breast, arms, thighs and calves with red hot pincers” (Foucault 1977). In discipline and punish Foucault writes an account of on a passage of lists of rules from a prison, these rules dated to only a century after his account of the torture and humiliation. There was a huge change in such a sort amount of time, it went from the extreme of people being tortured and humiliated in from of an audience to people being confined and surveillances (Mills
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