What Are The Impact Of The Greek And Roman Society

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Who has the most influential society of the Ancient World? Two cultures that instantly come to mind are the Greek and Roman societies. The Romans, a military based society, conquered most of the Ancient World. However, the Greeks conquered every society they approached with not their physical prowess, , but their intellectual ideas. Throughout this paper, it will become evident who really conquered whom: the brains or the bronze? For centuries, many historians have asked how the Roman culture influenced us. In order to understand this complex hypothesis, one must take a deeper look into Roman society. Two things that molded the Romans way of live were their gods and their government. Like most ancient societies, the Roman culture was…show more content…
Without them we would be extremely behind on our military intelligence, math, sciences, history, arts, and understanding of the world. Although both societies were strong, it was made evident through this paper that the Greeks were significantly more influential to society of ancient and modern times. The Romans, known for their strong military and conquests, are now remembered as the strong unity of countries with cunning and intelligent leaders for their militia. However, the Greeks are known for their arts and philosophy, which will forever have the most significant impact on the world. Thus, although both were powerful societies, in two very different ways, the Greeks were fairly obviously the most influential society of both the modern and ancient world. To put it in the perspective of one who may read this, if science and math were not further advanced by the Greeks, teenagers would be without their cell phones, computers, televisions and any other modern technical device that many claim they simple could not live without. Obviously, the Greek discoveries are an extremely important part in not just ancient societies, but also in modern advancement in every technological field. Evidently, the brains beat out the
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