What Are The Impact Of Unemployment In Amemeconomics?

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According to CIA World Factbook (Factbook), as of July 2017 the United Arab Emirates total population was approximately 6,072,475. However, there is a note on the source that states the United Nations (UN) estimated the country’s population 9,400,145 as of mid-year 2017 with immigrants taking up about 80% of the population. The last reported population growth was at 2.4% (est. 2017) translating to approximately 145,000 new net residents per year based on UN’s estimated population of the country. In 2016 the estimated labor force contains a population 5.242 million with expatriates accounting for approximately 88% of the force. The service industry dominates the country accounting for 78% of the labor force, second is industrial with 15% …show more content…

While the country’s gross national savings is still substantially higher than the U.S. and U.K., it is also falling at a faster rate dropping almost 8% in the past 3 years while the U.S. only dropped less than 2% and the U.K. less than 1% variance. Overall the country’s GDP PPP and GDP real growth rate should be expected to increase significantly in 2018 when the announced added-value taxes on oil. With oil being the country’s biggest dependency this added tax will benefit them exponentially. The United Arab Emirates government enables companies to choose their own minimum wage to their employees. As reported by, the average wage in United Arab Emirates is $38,000 per year. The country highly depends on hospitality and tourism industry, such as the production of oil. Among the population of the country, 77.1% are employed, men dominating the numbers than women. Corporates organizations are required to pay a 45-day leaves to expecting mothers. Unemployment’s falls in a short 3.7% of the population, reported lasted calculation in 2015 by Human Develops Report. Youth is considered between the ages of 15 to 24, 11% of the youth population are unemployed. The average registered nurse makes 100,760 UAD an equivalent of $27,430 annually. While the highest paid career is as Business Development,

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