What Are The Importance Of Ergonomics

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1.1 What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics is the scientific study of interaction among humans and the other elements of a system in which they analyze the data and provide theories and principles to develop methods which are designed to progress human well beings and overall performance. There are three types of ergonomics. Physical ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics and organizational ergonomics. Each category is closely monitored and studied separately by the ergonomists to interpret and prevent work place injury.

1.2 History of Ergonomics
According to Christensen (1987) importance of having a user friendly environment was probably realized early in the development of the species. But it was Bernardino Ramazinni (1633-1714) who wrote about work-related
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Instance they study about the communication skills, work design, design of working times, teamwork, participatory design, community ergonomics, cooperation, organizational culture, virtual establishments and quality management hence they can organize people to make them more resourceful.

3.0 Importance of ergonomics.
Ergonomics has become important in our daily lives due to the various benefits we obtain from ergonomics. Such includes providing a healthier environment among the work place, improving the quality of work, improving the productivity of work. In additional ergonomics has also helped to create a safer environment and improve employee engagement in the work.

4.0 Introducing MSDS
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are conditions that affect the muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, structures that support limbs, back, neck and joints thus, the severity of the MSD can vary. It is a degenerative disease and inflammatory condition that cause pain and effect normal activities. It can be caused from a sudden force (e.g., lifting a heavy object), or they can also arise from repeating same motions. Nonetheless if employees are aware about ergonomic methods they would prevent
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