What Are The Importance Of The Olympic Games

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Olympic Games: In order to honor the Greek god Zeus, Greeks held what is known as the Olympic Games, they were held every four years. These games attracted people from all over Greece, large crowds would gather to watch the many different sports. The largest and most important of the Olympic games were held at Olympia. Olympia was very special to the Greeks because it was known as the most important sanctuary of Zeus. It was very important to offer gifts, take oaths and make sacrifices in front of Zeus’ statue as a sign that they would obey all rules. These customary games were announced by couriers, who would travel to every major Greek city, and special provisions where even made to protect those who traveled to see or participate in the games at Olympia. Equestrian Events: In a special arena called a hippodrome, the most popular sport of chariot racing took place. Chariot racing was a sport that only the affluent took part in, as the costs of maintaining horses and a chariot was very expensive. Chariots had other uses though; they were used to lead soldiers into battle, other sports events and even for the funerals of champions. The chariot vase shown on in our reading perfectly depicts the authenticity of chariot racing. Horseracing came soon after, due to the popularity of chariot racing. Combat Sports: Boxing, wrestling and another form of wrestling known as pankration (a mixture of boxing and wrestling) were very popular sports events. It was the most violent

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