What Are The Key Elements Necessary For Collaboration

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Collaboration means a collegial working relationship with another health care provider in the provision of (to supply) patient care. Collaborative practice requires (may include) the discussion of patient diagnosis and cooperation in the management and delivery of care. Each collaborator is available to the other for consultation either in person or by communication device, but need not be physically present on the premises at the time the actions are performed. The patient-designated health care provider is responsible for the overall direction and management of patient care.

• intersectoral collaboration focus on
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Nurse offers expert opinions on legislative initiatives related on health care
Collaborates with other health care providers and consumers on health care legislation to best serve the needs of the public.
• Key elements necessary for collaboration include:
– Effective communication skills
– Mutual respect and trust
– Decision making
• Collaborating to solve complex problems requires effective communication skills.

• Effective communication can occur only if the involved parties are committed to understand each other’s professional role and appreciating each other as individuals.

• Participates in collaborative interdisciplinary research to increase knowledge of a clinical problem or situation
• Instead of focusing on distinctions, a group of professionals needs to center on their common ground (the client’s needs).
• Members must be able to verbalize their perspectives in a non threatening environment.
• Collaboration in practice is not yet a reality for most nurses.
However, because nurses are now more highly educated and have a defined area of expertise, nurses increasingly are functioning more as autonomous health
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