What Are The Key Success Factors For Ebay?

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1. What are the key success factors for eBay?
- eBay was the first industry to introduce an innovating concept for pricing. (auctions) This allowed customers to determine at what price they are willing to pay for an item. The best advantage that eBay has is that it doesn’t rely on inventory or prices. It provides a service where people can choose whether to buy or sell an item. Since it is an online business there is also distinctive advantage on growth and profits since it is basically a global business. Also, you don’t have to pay to use eBay. Anyone with a good internet connection can have access.

Ebay has involved into an online shopping experience where people have access to thousands of different products which lengthen the range of the product line. The variety in ebay is outstanding. To make the process a lot smoother and easier they divide it into several categories from electronic to fashion. Although ebay
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Look for updated information on eBay and determine if up until today the company has performed according to expectations.
The first quarter of 2017 is reported as followed: "The first quarter was a strong start to the year with accelerating growth in active buyers, revenue and our core U.S. business," said Devin Wenig, President and CEO of eBay Inc. "We are on the right path as we continue to evolve our shopping platform for consumers, leverage our technology advantages and market a sharpened eBay brand globally."
According to this report the site is driven by growth of active buyers, new user experiences and brand advertising, all leading up to a growth in revenue of 2%. In the first quarter eBay added 2 million active buyers. According to their financial highlights ( their net revenues, income, net income, earnings all increased compared to 2016.
This clearly proves their strategic marketing techniques and new introductions to the site are working.
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